Reg Large
Espresso £1.35 £1.75
A short flavoursome and rich coffee
Espresso Macchiato £1.95 £2.35
Espresso topped with a little cap of foam
Americano £2.00 £2.40
Espresso diluted with water
Cafe Latte £2.20 £2.60
Espresso topped with velvety smooth steamed milk
Flavoured Latte £2.60 £3.00
(Caramel/Hazelnut/Vanilla/Cinnamon/Mint and Pumpkin Spice)
A shot of Flavoured Coffee Syrup mixed with Espresso and hot milk
Flat White £2.00 £2.40
A shorter and more intense Café Latte
Cappucino £2.20 £2.60
Espresso with smooth steamed milk and glossy wet foam finished with a light dusting of chocolate
Caffe Mocha £2.40 £2.80
An indulgent blend of espress and hot chocolate with velvety steamed milk
Cold Coffee
 Reg Large
Iced Latte £2.40 £2.80
Iced Mocha £2.60 £3.00
 Reg Large
Babycino £0.75 
A cup of foamed milk topped with chocolate sprinkles
Steamer £1.25 £1.75
A glass of steamed milk mixed with flavouring of your choice
Milk £1.00 £1.50
A glass of hot or cold milk
(served in a pot)
English Breakfast £1.60
Earl Grey £1.60
Herbal £1.60
Green £1.60
 Reg Large
Classic Hot Chocolate £2.40 £2.80
Made from fine cocoa powder and fresh milk brewed, stirred and steamed
Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows £2.70 £3.10
Flavoured Hot Chocolate £2.70 £3.10
Salted Caramel
Pumpkin Spice
White Hot Chocolate
Kids Classic Hot Chocolate £1.50 
Kids Hot Chocolate with Cream and marshmallows £1.80